This Week – August 16th to August 22nd, 2010

Six of nine semi-finalists are set for next month, as Stone Phoenix and ChloesHouse advanced past tough competition to the second round of the Sweetwater Showdown Battle of the Bands.  This Friday, Li$tprice, Third Candle and Subdivisions duke it out, while Saturday night Painbody, Poynte and Maudlin Ash square off.  Our regular Thursday night show offers something for the eclectic ear, as all-instrumentalists Elephant open up for Happy?, featuring members of Sun Domingo.  Visit Sweetwater LIVE for band links and full schedule.

Next weekend (August 27th – 29th) will be the $6,500 Steel Tip Dart Tournament, brought to you by Atlanta Darts.  For more info, call Rob Spears at 404-936-7881.  Remember that all events (live music, karaoke, poker, darts, pool/billiards, open mic) are listed on the Events page through Google Calendar.  All bow before the mighty Google gods!

Thanks for supporting Sweetwater.

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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