December 20th to 26th – Open Mic Thursday, Mr. Smokey’s Karaoke…

Hey guys – This is a unique year indeed, as Christmas Eve and Day fall on the weekend, so no live bands.  All is well, because we will be returning full force next Friday for one of the badest New Year’s Eve lineups in Sweetwater history:  2010 Sweetwater Showdown champions  Wake of the Titan return as the headliner (and the first band of 2011), joined by the amazing State of Unrest and the return of Toy Devils.  $7 for 21+ (free champagne at midnight) and $10 for 18-20 makes it the best New Year’s Eve bang for your buck in all of Atlanta.

We will be continuing with another Thursday Open Mic Night hosted by Taymin and Daniel, so it’s a perfect evening for those who typically work Friday morning.  Tuesday and Wednesday, I will once again be the weekly ringmaster of the freakshow called Mr. Smokey’s Karaoke, debuting some brand new karaoke songs, and a desire to transform bar patrons to rock stars for five minutes or so.

The bar will be open Christmas Day, so stop on by if you are tired of Uncle Cleo’s dairy farming stories.

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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