January 10th to 16th, 2011 – Georgia snow and hard rock shows

Hello all, it’s late Monday night and most every place around town is closed… well except for Sweetwater.  We figure that drinking warms you up (don’t get all scientific on me!) and we have a public service to adhere to.  Personally, I will be playing Mr. Smokey’s Karaoke tomorrow night by ear, since I live in Snellville and I’m not sure if I can make it that far to set up and host.  I’ll make a post tomorrow ASAP.  Wednesday karaoke should be in full force, as well as regular poker, dart and billiard events. 

We have two great hard rock shows lined up for this weekend, as Story of a Life and Dead Horse Hollow join us Friday night, while Sgt. Kickass, Armchair Victim, and Gravity Zero split heads Saturday.  Things will be back to normal, and the devil horns will floweth.

Major props for the awesome musicians that came out for Open Mic Night last Thursday, including Echoes End, who are performing next Saturday night at Sweetwater.  Also, thanks for everybody that made my birthday a memorable one on Friday (and Saturday, heh), especially Pumpkin City for giving me an opportunity to throw down some hip-hop skills with a funky, talented band.  Until next time!

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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