February 15th to 20th, 2011 – AIM Appreciation Night, Showdown finalist Subdivisions, return of The Lovebuzzards

We have a special evening this Thursday at Open Mic… Atlanta Institute of Music Appreciation Night!  All students with a valid AIM ID get $6 domestic pitchers all night long.  Our way of saying thanks to the support shown to us over the years, including Carl Culpepper, Chris Fragale, and the countless band members and fans who attend the highly regarded music school.

This weekend, we pull out heavy-hitters Eyes of Torment, Take Your Face, and Subdivisions (Sweetwater Showdown finalist) for a Friday night metal blitzkrieg.  Saturday night, we welcome back our friends in The Lovebuzzards as they arise from the depths of RexTrax Studios to pick up this last minute show with newcomers Tortus and Casket Creatures (featuring members of Hexxenhaus Massacre and Greyskull).

A special thanks to Slaus of Two My Chagrin for putting on one hell of a show for his birthday throwdown last weekend.  We love you bro!

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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