May 17-22, 2011 – Metal, modern rock, progressive tunes rock Duluth

More tender, marinated local music morsels this weekend.  Friday night will be slam-a-lammin’ with a trio of metal heavy-hitters.  After a three-year absence, Sweetwater veterans Enders Game return with a revamped, all-pro metal sound, along with the brutal Caustic Thought and Sweetwater favorites/new metal pioneers Eyes Of Torment.  On Saturday night, top-notch modern rock band Echoes End will perform with the progressive sounds of The Highgrade Clarity (featuring Jes Spittler of Traitor) and Brass Knuckle Surfer (returning after a hiatus of four years!).  Tastes like chicken?  Only if that chicken kicks ass.

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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