May 24-29, 2011 – Yearly Texas Hold ‘Em Tourney, Friday bands rock…

As many of you know, Sweetwater is a hotbed for metro-Atlanta Texas Hold ‘Em players.  This weekend is the peak of the madness with Extreme Poker Tour’s two biggest tournaments of the year, drawing skilled players from all over the Southeast.  Things kick off Saturday afternoon at 3:00 with our regular points game, followed by our $500 Players Appreciation Tournament, which is open to anyone who has played in at least one Extreme Poker Tour tournament within the past twelve months.  The place will be packed, so make sure to show up early to register.

Sunday is the big day… Yearly Regionals for a stake of the $5000 prize pot!!!  The Top 200 of Extreme Poker Tour’s North Georgia rankings are invited, with $5,000 in cold, hard cash up for grabs as some of the best regional players match cunning, wits, and a little bit of luck.  Top 200 north-Georgia players for the year listed on EPT’s webiste.  Registration starts at 11:30 a.m. (we are opening early Sunday), with the Regionals kicking things off at 1:00 p.m.

Important FYI…due to the size of the poker event, we will not have bands performing Saturday evening.  For those still in need of a local music fix, check us out Friday evening for some old and new faces.  Newcomer Neil Cribbs will be opening up for the gritty Americana of The Lives of the Monster Dogs and the alternative/indie vibes of Downside UP.  Plus, Open Mic Night with Taymin and Daniel of Two Man Banned will be on Thursday night as usual, a great place for both local musicians and local music fans to mingle and see a variety of bands and artists.  And ya know Mr. Smokey has Gwinnett karaoke on lock down every Tuesday and Wednesday.  Word.

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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