August 8-14, 2011 – Showdown semi-finals begins to take form

Our second weekend of the Sweetwater Showdown Battle of the Bands opening round concluded with two more bands advancing to the semi-finals.  Both bands made their Sweetwater LIVE debuts extra-sweet, with Cielo taking honors Friday night (joining first round winners Subdivisions and The Casket Creatures for a Sept. 17th matchup) and Amulet on Saturday (moving on to a Sept. 24th semi-final night).

The battle forges on, and by the end of the weekend our second semi-finals matchup will be locked in.  This Friday, Caustic Thought, Collapse of the Empire, and Sons Of Kaos face off, while Saturday will feature Jackhammer, Third Candle, and Stone Phoenix.  Come on out and see the diversity and talent that the original rock scene in Atlanta has to offer.

Both Open Mic Thursdays with Two Man Banned and Mr. Smokey’s Karaoke (every Tuesday and Wednesday night) have been slamming the last couple of weeks!  Thanks to all of the support, and if you haven’t been out to either before, we hope to see you there… a good time is garaunteed.  Until next week.

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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