September 12-18, 2011 – Sweetwater Showdown semi-finals Saturday!

Thanks for all of the excellent bands that performed last weekend.  A special shout out to Code Atom, our 2006 Sweetwater Showdown champions whom, after nearly five years since their last performance as a band, played one last amazing, emotional show to a captivated audience Saturday night.  You will be remembered always as one of the family that helped establish Sweetwater as a prominent Atlanta venue, we love you guys!

This Saturday marks the first of three nights of Sweetwater Showdown X semi-final action!  Indie-alternative band Cielo build up dark, meloncholy progressions, then release them with engaging and open melodies.  The Casket Creatures bring a modern take on 1990’s Atlanta horror rock and punk, complete with full-band zombie gear. Subdivisions delivers a smart, diverse nu-metal sound that challenges the genre.  Come see some great acts and vote for your top dog!

Friday night welcomes some veteran Atlanta hard rock, metal and grunge acts with Dead Horse Hollow, Haunting Eden, and newcomers Ledfoot Messiah.  Will be bad-to-tha-ass!

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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