September 19-25, 2011 – Semi-finals continue Saturday, blues show Friday

Now that Subdivisions has claimed a place in the Sweetwater Showdown finals on November 12th, we anxiously await their competition over the next two weeks.  This Saturday the 24th will provide one more, as SONS OF KAOS, THIRD CANDLE, and AVIAN go toe-to-toe for the second of three spots on our final night.  Rap rock masters Sons Of Kaos bring their high-energy, party-vibe funk coupled with tight, raspy rhymes.  Progressive modern rockers Third Candle deliver haunting and emotional vocals sculpted within well-crafted tunes.  Avian bring a smart, hard-driving indie rock sound.

Friday evening, our regular Sweetwater LIVE shows continue with an evening of blues rock flavors from three impressive Atlanta bands, Velvet City Mercy, Southern Gothic Revival, and The 8th Ocean.  Fans of any style of music will be entertained by the diversity and sharp musicianship of these local acts.

Tuesday night, Mr. Smokey and the crunk karaoke crew will be celebrating good friend/high-energy hound Jimmy Puckett’s 21st birthday (and probably Wednesday, too!).  Thursday, Two Man Banned roll out another evening of Open Mic Night, which has taken off quite nicely the past few weeks, thanks to some PR pimpin’ by Taymin.

The Best of Atlanta 2011 will be announce in Creative Loafing early Thursday.  Cross your fingers and hope we pull out Best OTP Music Club for the second year!

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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