September 26 to October 2, 2011 – Last semi-final night, Lovebuzzards CD Release

THIRD CANDLE joined SUBDIVISONS in the November 12th final of our tenth annual Sweetwater Showdown after last weekend’s victory.  This Saturday night, FROM WHERE I’M STANDING, KICK THE ROBOT, and EYES OF TORMENT do musical battle for the third, and last, open finals spot.  Instrumental-driven indie rockers From Where I’m Standing combine diverse musical elements from across the board.  High-energy three-piece Kick The Robot also mixes things up, with heavy influence from 60’s rock and 90’s alternative.  Brutal metal act Eyes of Torment brings wicked licks with an engaging stage show.

Friday evening will also be a special one, as longtime Sweetwater brethren The Lovebuzzards debut the release of their full CD.  Adding extra spice to this night will be the Sweetwater debut of Auxford, featuring members of legendary punk band Whiskey Shit Vomit.  Opening the show is the modern alt-grunge marvels Toy Devils.

Karaoke on Tuesday… I’ll be debuting my parody of Naughty By Nature’s “O.P.P.”… as a public service announcement to the suburbanites who don’t understand what the Creative Loafing’s Best OTP Music Club anagram means.  And maybe to make fun of some people, too, both innies and outies.  Oh, and myself.

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions

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