October 4-9, 2011 – Alternative and hard rock, plus an OTP exclusive

After last Saturday, the semi-finals have wrapped up to set the stage for Sweetwater Showdown X’s final night, which leaves Subdivisions, Third Candle, and Eyes of Torment squaring off for this year’s title on Saturday, November 12th.  Until then, we have plenty of things to keep your senses stimulated.  This Friday, we welcome Cardova, Roshambeaux, and A Story Of A Life for a diverse show with indie, alternative, and progressive tones.  Saturday bring the hard rock, grunge, and metal flair with Abyss, The World’s Fare, and Vainglory.  Two killer shows with some true local talent.

Mr. Smokey’s Karaoke has something special planned for Wednesday night.  As some of you may have heard last week, I wrote and produced a karaoke parody of Naughy By Nature’s OPP to poke some fun at our Creative Loafing Best OTP Music Club award (well, not poking at the award specifically, but just the stereotypes of both inside and outside of the perimeter people).  Well I decided to make a video, of which I’ll be filming footage for Wednesday evening.  So all my innies and outies that want to represent, please come out.  I’ll make sure every person gets a little face time (wait, that didn’t come out right… oh, no… neither did that!).

Thanks for everybody’s continued support.

Jesse Busch
Subtle Hammer Productions